Street Level Coverage

Unlike other providers we install cameras every 40m to 80m around a suburb block. This ensures that we can track the movements of any person or vehicle entering the block. From stolen municipal bins and illegal graffiti to theft and more serious crimes therefore all activities are recorded.


The system is monitored by sophisticated software 24 hours a day. Should a camera be offline, the software notifies us and we rectify the problem. In a production environment, we expect the uptime to be in excess of 98%. Maintenance is performed regularly enabling the system to run at its peak all the time. All production environments are insured from damage, theft and environmental factors. The system is also immune to load shedding with a 24-hour power backup solution ensuring continuity.

Video Analytics

Deep Learning Technology

In this ever-expanding era of Surveillance Data Technology (SDT), deep intelligence will become the foundation for the security industry. Technologies that “learn” will become more common and more powerful. This trend will strengthen critical security efforts in every sphere. Street Level will lead the way in this new world of surveillance technology by making invisible intelligence visible for users, and then putting that intelligence to good use.

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

ANPR cameras are installed in strategic places in the suburb. By accessing several databases and partnering with other service providers criminals can now be caught even if they change number plates.


The loitering function detects people, vehicles or other objects which loiter in a pre-defined region for a certain time. People or vehicles who wonder around for no reason for a certain amount of time will trigger an alarm.