There is a reason why London has more cameras per square meter than anywhere else in the world. It is effective period. This is a proven concept with some suburbs already reporting little to zero crime rates. All activities are recorded and kept securely for a minimum of 30 days. Criminals will think twice before entering the suburb. Members feel more secure knowing that technology is on the lookout 24 hours a day. It’s like living in an estate but with the luxury of living in a suburb.


Although these systems are solid deterrents, unity is the key to its success. Members will eventually know each other through social media tools and unite to eradicate crime completely.

Free Retrieval of Video

Although the retrieval is free to its members, the use of data is subject to stringent controls.

Cameras Can’t Be Bribed

Guards unfortunately can be bribed or can be outnumbered.  By deploying guards onto the streets, the streets are too long to be effectively patrolled and guards have limited visibility at night, even with torches. Criminals simply hide, wait for the guards to do a patrol, and then have plenty time to do the crime. With our solutions we can see continuously, even in complete darkness and have a complete view of the suburb.