Street Level uses sophisticated software to monitor the system 24 hours a day. Should a camera be down, the software notifies us, and we rectify the issue.

Yes minimum of 96% uptime is contracted to with penalties for downtime beyond this, unless the issue is beyond our control (load shedding, power outages, force majeure, etc)

No there is no extra cost.

Yes, all equipment is insured.

ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) cameras are installed strategically in the suburb. By accessing several databases and partnering with other service providers criminals can now be caught even if they change number plates.

Street Level has a battery backup system which will last for +/- 24 hours. In addition, if there is a network interruption, there are SD cards in the cameras that will store footage for a short period of time.

Video footage and pictures of individuals, vehicles and license plates are captured by the CCTV surveillance network.

The Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 provides that your Personal Information may be collected for a clearly defined and specific purpose (i.e. security purposes). We will post signage that clearly states that CCTV surveillance footage is being collected for security purposes in certain areas. In these circumstances, the law makes an exception to collect your Personal Information without your consent, so long as certain safeguards and protections are put in place to ensure the security of such Personal Information and that such Personal Information is only used for lawful purposes.

Your Personal Information is stored by us as required by the Act. Specifically, all Personal Information is stored subject to acceptable security measures established and designed to safeguard against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, and/or damage by, or dissemination to, unauthorized third parties. All third parties which request access to your Personal Information for security purposes are subject to the same safeguard requirements and penalties for unlawful use contained in the Act.

CCTV footage is forensic material. The system has built-in functions for encryption, strong password protection and immutable timestamping. This ensures that evidence can be viewed only by authorized viewers, as well as proof that the video has not been altered or manipulated while in transit.

Unlike other providers we install cameras every 40m to 80m around a suburb block. This ensures that we can track the movements of any person or vehicle entering the block. From stolen municipal bins and illegal graffiti to theft and more serious crimes, all activities are recorded. It is our belief that because of technology being able to communicate between multiple platforms, it is possible to share information with other providers. By uniting in this way, we can track criminals even outside the scope of the system.

Yes, we design, install and maintain systems for residential, business and commercial applications.

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